Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Get Yer Tickets Now! School for the Dead and Chandler Travis Philharmonic

School for the Dead is returning to the Iron Horse stage, this Sunday!  It's been five years since our last band show there.  In 2006 we played with Naked Eyes (There's Always Something There To Remind Me).  That night ended up not be very well attended due to a combination of other events that were happening at the same time and, really, Naked Eyes?

This show will be different.  The Chandler Travis Philharmonic puts on a great, crazy show.  The concert is nice and early at 7:00 and it's priced well.

If you are thinking of going, we've got a special deal on tickets.  From us they are $10 even, you don't have to pay any courtesy fees.  I think you save about $2.50 per ticket.

I only have fifteen at this lower price, though, so think quick, I guess. 

You can order them here through PayPal or if you can send me an email at henning (at) schoolforthedead.com and we can work something out.

Or if you are a real trouble maker, you can spend a few hours using the picture of the tickets above to create your own counterfeit versions.  Make sure you find the right paper and add the perforations.  Also, I'd advise using different ticket numbers than these since these will already be accounted for.  Or you could risk it.

Anyway, we really hope you can make it.  It's always a great pleasure for us to be able to play on the Iron Horse Stage with their excellent sound system. 

To learn more about Chandler Travis Philharmonic you can go to their website here.

Here's a brief synopsis:
Chandler Travis has had a long and checkered career in the world of show biz, beginning in in the seventies with Steve Shook as Travis & Shook whose comedic pop landed them on the Tonight Show, the Midnight Special, and Dick Cavett. They toured with George Carlin for many years. Then there's Cape Cod based Incredible Casuals, who toured consistently all over the world, and are still at it. In 1988, Chandler began moonlighting as a solo performer, presenting the unlikely mixture of oddball humor and incisive songwriting that continue to be his trademark Late in 1996 Travis found himself fronting a nine-piece band, the modestly monikered Chandler Travis Philharmonic -probably the world’s only alternative dixieland / omnipop band.

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