Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I have to write this down.  Something strange is happening today.

While I was walking past lawns that until a few days ago had been covered in snow for months, a Nick Drake song started to play on my shuffling music machine.  It fit the mood perfectly and I started to think about what other music I had that was similar to Nice Drake.  Dennis Crommett popped into my head, but as the NIck Drake neared its end, I thought, the mood is probably about to change It'll probably play a Buzzocks song or some weird Laurie Anderson thing.  But, you know it, the next thing that came up was Dennis Crommett.

After Dennis?  Laurie Anderson.

Then a few minutes later, I was inside and I got an email from Jason Bourgeois pointing me to an article about the new R.E.M. album.  I opened the article and just as I started to read it, the radio played an R.E.M. song.

Then I went over to Facebook and saw a post by friend Mark Schwaber about Marketa Irglova from the film "Once".  As soon as I saw that post the Radio started to play a song from that Once movie.  Then I started to write this little piece about the weirdness of all the music coincidences.  Then, when I was about two sentences in I realized that it wasn't a song from the Once duet after all. It was a Mumford and Sons song.


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