Monday, August 17, 2009

Recording, Learning, Discussing

We've been doing some recording at Rub Wrongways Studios during the last few days. First we had a nice long session with Bourgeois Heroes to record some string parts. Its always nice to have someone come in with a violin or cello. One of my favorite things is arranging parts and hearing them come together. In this situation, Jason, the violinist, and I all worked together in the arranging. Then yesterday, Brian and I recorded percussion and harmonies and a little keyboard for the upcoming Sitting Next To Brian record. I think its gonna be pretty great.

Meanwhile, I've also been trying to learn all these Goldwater songs on bass for our upcoming debut this Saturday (more details to come).

As a distraction from all that, I am currently having an online discussion on Facebook with a guy who basically called School for the Dead, pretentious, boring, and just blah. If you'd like to follow that thread you can do so right here: You might have to have a Facebook account, I'm not sure.

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