Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goldwater - This Saturday - The Elevens - Northampton, MA

There is an article in the Valley Advocate today about the new band that Brian and I are a part of, Goldwater. We have our debut show this Saturday at The Elevens here in Northampton, MA.

Maybe you are a fan of the band The Figments. I know I am. Thane Thomsen is the man behind that band and he is also the man behind this band. We'll be playing songs from The Figments catalog, his amazing Rehab Massachusetts album, and some new specifically Goldwater designed songs. I'm playing bass, Brian is on drums, Scott Hall of Drunk Stuntmen is on keyboard, and Matt Cullen of Ware River Club and The Humming Field is on guitar. We're playing second on Saturday right after Mike Flood. Mike hasn't played around here in a while and he is always incredibly entertaining. He may even do a few songs with his band from his most recent record (Brian, Me, and Peyton Pinkerton). Peyton plays in New Radiant Storm King who are third on the bill. They are about to head out on a big national tour so catch them while you can. Rounding out the night will be Golden Bloom (Shawn Fogel) who just released a brand new album today!

Hope you can make it on Saturday. It's going to be a really great show I think.

And hey! Before you come to The Elevens, stop on over at The Basement where Spouse is playing an early show. Sheesh. Busy Saturday.

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