Friday, February 27, 2009

The Meltdown

One of the great things about winter in New England is that the snow falls and it stays there for a really long time. OK, actually that's not so great. But because that happens, when it does finally melt, all kinds of lost or forgotten things are suddenly uncovered. When I walk down the street on a warmish day like today, I feel a little like an archaeologist observing my dig. Different levels from different storms are unveiled and then eventually, beneath those, are the treasures of the past.

Like for instance, in the front of my neighbors lawn, which just this morning finally has been uncovered, there appeared today, a pile of leaves with a rake lying on top of it. It looks like a snow storm suddenly came along and the person just vanished in the middle of their project. That pile of leaves and rake have now been hidden beneath the snow for two or three months. Mysterious.

Then you come across creatures like the one pictured here. This pin-headed snow person in its last moments seems to be sadly observing the coming of spring.

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