Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mailing List Bonus and This Friday's Show

If you were on our mailing list you would have received the following in your inbox today. Notice that in the second section there is talk of a special download that is currently only available to our mailing list friends.

If you'd like to join our mailing list you can do that right there on the left where it says "Join our mailing list". If not, hey man, that's cool. No pressure.

Today's Mailing:

Hello hello hello hello,

It's the worst time of the year here in New England...late February. It feels like winter will never end. We've had enough. Still, there are nights like tonight where the frigid air feels real and fresh, like it's just blown down out of the starry skies. There are moments in winter where things are nice like that, but really, it's enough already.

But fear not. School for the Dead is going to try to smash some of the winter doldrums to bits this Friday night with our first show of 2009! We'll be a four piece band with Max, Brian, Tony, and Me and we've got a couple brand new songs to play for you. These two songs, "Someone Else's Problem" and "Title Unknown" have never been heard by anyone outside of my house before, so that should be fun.

We'll also play some other new stuff like "The Infinite Kitchen" and some tracks off of our last album, probably "Feel Like I Should" and "Thinking of a Time" and others. We'll also be playing songs from "The New You" and the "Chain CD" and who knows what else.

In fact, if you have a request, send it to me right now and I'll see if we can do it.

Here's the skinny on the show:

Friday - February 27th, 2009
At The Elevens, Northampton, MA (
10:00 PM - 1:30 AM (I'm not sure when we are playing yet. My guess is near the end of the evening)
with these bands:
The Angels Share (
Twin Berlin (
So Very Small (

Here's the poster:

I hope you can make it. It won't be the same without you. Seriously.


Here's a special thing that right now only you, as a friend on this mailing list, is privy to:

I've made a little mp3 deconstruction of the song "Looks Like I'm Tall" from my similarly titled solo album. In this download, I dismantle the recording of the song, pointing out individual parts and how they all fit together. If you are interested in how a song becomes a song in the studio, you might dig it. You can find it right here:


Hope you enjoy it and that you don't find it too self-indulgent.


I think that is it for this mailing. I hope your 2009 is going well so far.

Thanks for all your support and for listening,
School for the Dead

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Norbo said...

The deconstruction is GREAT STUFF. Brilliant!

I like the exclusiveness of only having access to it if you're on the mailing list - but it really is something you should make available to everyone.