Wednesday, April 21, 2004

wanna buy some hi hats for cheap?

Own a piece of Noho rock history! The hi hats
(Sabian AA 14 inch) that are keeping those
eighth notes on so many of your favorite songs
(Figments, Aloha Steamtrain, School for the
Dead, Lo Fine), and have kept you moving at
countless rock shows over the last 7 years.

Yes, there's a hairline fracture in the top one.
But it's been there for 2 years and hasn't
affected anything. But it means stores aren't
interested in trade.

Yes, a certain bassist shed blood on one of them
recently, but now you can clone him! (note to bassist: I was in the market for new 'hats anyway)

$35 and they yours, biznatch.
New ones are 6-8x that much (just so's you know
the deal you're getting)

If no one respods I'll be forced to fashion them into Chinese Stars.

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