Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Henning covers the Provincetown story well, and entertainingly with his use of passive voice and/or avoidance of first person. For my own part, I kept finding myself thinking of Ken, who accompanied us on our first SFTD P-Town excursion but was absent from this one. For instance, when "Love Is A Stranger" by The Eurythmics came on the radio during our drive to the Cape and Henning suggested The Fawns cover it, I immediately heard Ken say "Let's cover it tonight!" And during our break at the show itself, what should come onto the house speakers but the sounds of The Mammals' latest album and Ken's drumming? Even on the ride home, when the Horace Silver Quintet was shunned and Styx cranked up, I could hear one of Ken's trademarked crestfallen sighs. On the other hand, for all I know, maybe Ken is a closet Styx fan and I'm the only one not versed in their canon (I thought we were listening to Night Ranger or Damn Yankees). I was even more clueless about the '88-'91 hair metal songs that blasted forth from Lexi's van at the beach (The La Guns?). No wonder I was never popular in high school.

Your retort:
What, like you're popular now?

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