Tuesday, April 20, 2004

1.) Velvet Underground- Loaded: Bought it with my first CD stereo a month before heading to Umass froshdom. Had it previously on vinyl but left it in the backseat of my car on a hot summer day and warped it.

2.) What's Going On & Let's Get It On (2 albums on one disc!)- Marvin Gaye: Two sides of soul music from one author. I won't bore you with any rock crit blather- I'll just say both of these albums are wonderful in their own respective ways.

3.) Them Featuring Van Morrison- I don't really play this one very often- in fact, haven't touched it since last century. They (Them) were one of those 60s bands that never really stepped outside the r&b flavor much. Not a bad thing, just not really my thing so much. A good collection, though, albeit missing the very crucial Dylan cover that Beck sampled. Remember those heinous longbox plastic sleeves that CDs came in?

4.) Innervisions- Stevie Wonder: Another soul classic and one that I still greatly enjoy.

By the way, all four were purchased at a Strawberries, either the one in Springfield or the one in Holyoke. Remember, this was before UMass, hence before Al Bum's, For The Record, Main Street Records or GRAPE STREET Records.

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