Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Oh, but Tony--could you not hear my (and Ning's) crestfallen sighs last trip to P-town during the endless 70's One Hit Wonders? That, polka and zydeco and funk metal are things that make my heart wanna stop.
OK, kids enough bickering.

Well, so on my Rio I programmed 4 hours worth of music--and, yes I was also surprised that Ning turned up "Do You Love Me" by KISS (1976). But hey--cruisin' on an almost summer day, what else you gonna do?
I tried to please everyone with my mix. Ning turned up the Nilsson, Tony turned up the Stones. I included songs about beaches and water, and "Lord Anthony" by Belle and Sebastian for Tony and "Kelly Watch the Stars" by Air for Kelly. And "Beatown" by XTC because you could pretend it was "P-Town".
We also gave 2 listens to Ken's "Mrs. Summer" which I just love.
I guess you can't please everyone all the time.

I was unpopular in middle/high school during the hair metal days. In 6th grade for birthday I asked my sister for "The Best of The Doors" and "Ratt-Out of the Cellar". I got the Doors ,didn't get Ratt, and subsequently went on a long journey of 60's pop/rock. Never owned an 80's metal album, t-shirt or pin. My fate was sealed.

At the Pig, I once again got a Lobster Toastie and it was again amazing. Though I said to Ning, "sometimes, fries threaten to upstage the main course". I also got a chocolate martini after because I wanted dessert and a drink.

Ning covered everything else quite well.
Tony lay in the sand for a long time, looking like an extra from the Seventh Seal or something. Were there extras in that movie?
On my part, post-gig was a bit strange. I'm way out of multi-set drumming shape. And that was basically 3 hours of non stop drumming.
The chicks dancing always makes me put a little something extra in the rhythm.
I felt somewhat shakey, and even a tad woozy for an hour or so after the show--exhausted, hungry, I dunno. Maybe the sight of Max's blood made me woozy.
Luckily there was woozy medicine back at Ahbi's. In no time, I was dancing the way I dance, which is the way someone's dad who can't dance dances. Then I realized I wasn't doing much to uphold my image as one of the coolest people you've ever met, so I started talking to the tiny grey kitty cat.

I enjoyed everyone's company, the ride in the SUV was delightful, musical, funny and sleepy. What more can one say?

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