Sunday, April 04, 2004

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Well, it's 10 minutes until the first pitch of the '04 Red Sox season. Today is also important, because Bar 19 is open again.

I know that Ning had a negative NYC experience recently, but I just need to pipe up and say that 2 weeks there was just what the doctor ordered, for me. I feel energized, rejuvinated, optimistic, motivated and reassured of why I rock, have rocked and will continue to rock. Among other things.
But not even just that. I feel not as old and out of it. It was great, the daily routine of walking the streets, taking the subway, becoming integrated and feeling anonymous. Not that NYC is a utopia where everyone loves each other, but everyone has no choice but to put up with each other. And it's a good mindset to be in. It feels like being, say, in England--where everyone knows they're different, but we're all stuck on this island together, so get used to it.
Plus, you never know if the guy walking in front of you is, say John Stewart, or the guy who directs Trading Spaces. Or if you're walking past the hotel that Ringo happens to presently be in... While walking past a pack of rats scurrying under a dumpster. (Is Dumpster like Kleenex? I think it might be).
And it reaffirmed that my hermit tendencies isn't such a great thing--because it just encourages more of that kind of behavior. Whereas social activity breeds more social activity, more opportunities, better social skills and higher self esteem.
OK, I admit I spent much of this winter hiding from the cold, avoiding people.
In the Valley we love our personal space and uniqueness. In NYC, no matter what kind of freak you are, there are 100 more just like you.
And I liked not having to drive.
My existence for those 2 weeks were as different from my solitary, spacious, driving-heavy current situation as you can get.
Not that one is better than the other--I'm just glad that I feel I could easily switch extremes.
I dunno--I know I sound naive, but it was a profound hurdle which only became pronounced once I was back here in Noho. So I apologize if I was a little dazed at the Fawns show-- I was still in need of sleep--it was also the first non-Kayrol music I'd played in 3 weeks.

That night I only watched The Dears' sound check, but it was awesome and they seemd like really cool people. Anyone see their set? Anyone have a CD by them?

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