Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello, Friends.

Hey, it sure has been a long time since I wrote anything here.  The internet has changed since we started the Living Rockumentary.  Communication capsules keep getting wispier.  They're briefer and more fleeting.

SFTD has been still at it though when it comes to music.  We've finally begun mixing our upcoming album, "The Bells on the Boats on the Bay."  I won't estimate a completion date, don't want to jinx anything.  I don't believe in jinxes but I probably am jinking myself by just saying that.

We've been busy in extra-curricular activities as well.  

Brian has been playing and organizing a bunch of tribute shows; Jerry Garcia, Mike Nesmith, R.E.M., Robyn Hitchcock, and coming up next week the Band. He's also been drumming with the Claudia Malibu, the Heir of Mystery, and Mystics Anonymous.  He's also in the studio with the Figments as I write this.  That's all on top of his usual positions in the Fawns and SFTD.  Oh, did I mention he's also written the songs for a new album and is just about to start recording that?

Max has been playing with Spanish for Hitchhiking of course.  They've done a few shows backing up Frank Black or Black Francis, however you take your Pixies tea.  He's also been designing like crazy.  Shirts and posters for the aforementioned Black, and album covers for the Scud Mountain Boys and Mark Mulcahy.  Max and I went on a photoshoot the other day just for the fun of it.  He took pictures of me throwing a guitar as far as I could into the blue sky.

Tony..well, who knows about Tony.  He's a mystery.  He shows up for our gigs and somehow knows how to play our new songs.  I imagine he spends most of his time walking around and laughing to himself about funny words.

Ken has been all over the place as a key member of the Heather Maloney Band.  He's also often on the road with the Young at Heart Chorus, playing shows all over the world.  He also heads a group-sing at a local community center and has his weekly radio show on WMUA.  

Ken and Henning have also been playing a bunch in the Mark Mulcahy Band, a new trio.  They were in the U.K. in December for a week and have shows coming up in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Iowa and another jaunt over to England.  They'll be doing a number of radio appearance and festival shows during that time

Of course, a lot of us are playing as the Fawns, too.  Henning has done some solo shows and some duo shows with Lesa Bezo as well.

It seems like we are doing everything but playing School for the Dead shows.  Hmmm.  Well, that'll change, with the completion of this new record.  Oh and look out, we already have enough material for another record after that and another one as well.  

What should we do with these recordings do you think?  Vinyl?  CD?  Download only?  Help!

We've also created a new web presence for Rub Wrongways Records that you should check out and bookmark.  All of our events are listed the very clearly and you can easily listen to all of the music.  Go there now:


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