Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Flower 2013

First Opened March 13, 2013
Well, well, well. Look at this! The Little Yellow One is back, baby!  Last year, The Little Purple One took first place in a major upset.  Yellow must have been training all winter because it burst through the finish line today with gusto.

First Flower March 11, 2012

First opened on March 11, 2012
There's been an upset in the flower world!  Our usual first flower, The Little Yellow One, has been beaten this year by a strong contender, The Little Purple One.  This guy came up yesterday while there's still no sign at all of the past champion.

First opened on March 20, 2011:
Well our annual first-flower came up later than usual this year  To tell you the truth, I'm surprised it came up at all.  It just didn't seem possible.  But, sure, enough, there it is and it's on the first day of spring at that.  Well done, little yellow flower.

First Flower March 8, 2010
First opened on March 8, 2010:
Each year this flower comes up a little bit earlier. Climate change? Impatience? Maturity? Coincidence? I don't know. All I know is, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Spring doesn't even seem possible, but this flower says, not only is it possible, it's unstoppable.

2009 First Flower
First opened on March 14, 2009: 
This one flower wins the race two years in a row. This year spring is starting sooner. Unless it sees its shadow and turns into Bill Murray.

first flower 2008

First opened on March 24, 2008:
That's it. The first sign of Spring 2008. It's right here in our front lawn. We planted it there last fall.

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