Friday, December 17, 2010

Henning Hosts WWII Open Mic on Sunday.

This Sunday night, I'll be hosting the open mic night at in Northampton, MA.

It starts at a nice early 8:00 with me playing a little set of songs. I'm hoping to debut my new Christmas song and to also drum up a few other seasonally appropriate tunes. This'll be my third to last performance of 2010. (On New Year's Eve the Fawns play as part of First Night Northampton and School for the Dead is throwing a free New Year's party at the Basement in town.)

I don't know if you have been to the open mic night at the World War II Club yet. It started last March. Don Rooke put the night together, just like in the old days, and I hosted the first few night, just like in the old days. Now he has a different host each week. There's a great P.A. there supplied by Cloud 9 Productions so the music sounds really nice.

The room is kind of split into two halves. We get the side with the chairs and table and the famous periscope (The World War II Club is the only bar in the U.S. to feature an actual working periscope. The top sticks out of the roof and you can see all around town). Don calls this half of the room The Pacific Theater. It's nice, people hang out at the tables where they can enjoy the music and have a few inexpensive drinks. It's a very casual atmosphere.

You should come down. Play a song or two, or just sit and hang-out. It's one of the darkest days of the year. It's actually nice to get out in it. Also, it doesn't run very late so you don't have to worry about the next morning.

Hope you can come. Here are some of my thoughts from February 2003 on open mics: Open Mics

Wow, this Rockumentary has been around for a while.

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