Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Case of the Lost Sweater

From my vantage point in my building, my desk looks out over a busy intersection.  Just a moment ago, I saw a mother and daughter crossing the street amongst the throngs of morning shoppers.  The little girl dropped her sweater and it landed in the crosswalk.  She did not notice, but there were a few people walking straight towards them, who surely saw it happen.  I watched as they passed by without saying a thing and stepped over the sweater.  Surely someone in the stopped cars at the crosswalk saw this happen but none of them alerted the pair to their lost item.  I watched as the mother and daughter walked further and further away from the sweater on the ground.  Another man, walked down the sidewalk and was looking directly at the little sweater, but he just kept on walking.  A third man in the crosswalk, approached the girl's sweater and kicked it out of the road.

At this point I grabbed my keys and ran outside to the top of my stairs where I shouted down, "Excuse me!  You dropped your sweater.  I think it is on the other side of the road!"  I could no longer see the sweater as it was obscured by a truck.  The pair thanked me and turned to go back.

I missed the outcome.  My view was blocked.

I'm a bit perplexed.  Is it possible that none of all those people saw the girl drop her sweater?  And even if they didn't see it, wouldn't they still ask around when they came across a girl's sweater lying in a crosswalk, I mean, obviously it couldn't have been there long.  It would have been swept aside by the cars.

What just happened out there?  Doesn't anyone care about a little girl's lost sweater?


Lucky Sia said...

I am on your team. I find people's wallets and prescription medication lying on roads and I pull over and pick it all up and use my super detective skillz to figure out who owns the stuff and call them and or drop the item off somewhere for them. They are always named Stella for some reason.

brian said...

I stopped a woman and her daughter who had lost her shoe in the middle of the Forbes Library staircase. I chased them with the tiny shoe.
Well, first I waited until the little girl tried on the shoe to make sure that I wasn't chasing down the wrong person.
Coulda belonged to a guy with one tiny foot and one regular foot.