Monday, May 03, 2010

Road Trip to Truck America

On Saturday, Lesa and I went on a road trip to Big Indian New York to attend Truck America, a music festival at The Full Moon Resort.  We got up very early and made the three hour journey through the greenest day of the year so far.  The road was lined with new things.  There were new trees, new flowers, new grasses, and new critters.

The venue was tucked into a beautiful mountain valley and included a large outdoor tent, a road house stage, a dining tent, a camping area, a mountain river, and some vast green fields.  We saw a number of acts perform, highlights included Spouse, Mike and Ruthie, and Gary Louris.  It was a long day in the hot sun, but I found the whole event to be incredibly relaxing.  We sat in the shade, we strolled around, we watched some music, we ate some quite good food, and we just let the day do whatever it was doing.

After night had fallen we watched about half of the Mercury Rev set and decided that instead of staying over at a friend's house, we'd just make the trek back right them.  Three hours later we were in our own home on the strangely unseasonable hot and humid evening.  The whole day felt somewhat like a dream.

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