Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Review of The Wrong Tree

This review just came in for The Wrong Tree by Sitting Next To Brian.  It was published in the Valley Advocate - Massachusetts.

Sitting Next to Brian
The Wrong Tree EP
(Rub Wrongways)

Back again at the helm of his mystic, swirling ship, Brian Marchese sometimes seems adrift in the doldrums of identity on his latest, The Wrong Tree. Remaining are his psychedelic Brit-pop and California surf influences, but SNTB also now occasionally turns the ship's bow into hooves—and its sails into reins—with a twist of country and Western. The usual stable of lovable misfits from the Rub Wrongways co-op (including Henning Ohlenbusch, Jason Bourgeois, Thane Thomsen and Lesa Bezo) provides the sugary icing for Marchese's honest if oddball offerings, and the use of 12-string guitars and Farfisa organs keeps most of the production value still in the realm where The Byrds or The Zombies do dwell. The last track, "Imaginary Audience" is a bit of a rocker, and hence my personal fave on the release.  —Tom Sturm

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