Monday, February 08, 2010

WBCN and V66's Boston Emissions did a show last night in celebration of Thursday's V-66 Reunion show.  As you know, School for the Dead, is appearing at this show to play our song "V-66".  You can listen to the radio show here: Boston Emissions.  Below is a snippet from the page with the play-list included.
boston emissions
guest: woody giesmann of the del fuegos / V66 tribute

ode to V66
face to face - 10, 9, 8
o positive - with you
the fools - world dance party
extreme - mutha (don’t wanna go to school today)
til tuesday - voices carry
ball and pivot - down
the del fuegos - don’t run wild
the del fuegos - I still want you
the del fuegos - coupe de ville
the stompers - never tell an angel
the atlantics - lonely hearts
the neighborhoods - prettiest girl
rods and cones - mistake
treat her right - i think she likes me
the dogmatics - sister serena

conservative man - the heist
sidewalk driver - jenny don’t really like the boys
rob potylo - a line of traffic

on the V66 reunion show on Thurs, Feb 11 at House of Blues and upcoming documentary -

thank you basic cable, rabbit ears, formative years, local hits, lost legends, beer commercials, bridges and basements, reunions, right turns, rockdocs, lost socks, and you for listening.

some of you said tonight’s show was like listening to the old WBCN days, to that I say thank you. I promise to carry on in the same spirit.
Hope you can make it to the concert. 

Doors open at 7pm, tickets are only $20 and it's an18-plus event on Thursday, February 11, 2010 at The House of Blues, 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA .

Tickets are on sale now through Live Nation right here.

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