Friday, February 05, 2010

Multiple choice

The other day, our family had dinner at Friendly’s restaurant in Ware. They handed us crayons and paper placemats for the kids that had drawings that could be colored as well as a few puzzles to work on. One of the puzzles read, “Which one of these things does not fit?” or something to that effect. There were four pictures: an igloo, a snowman, a man wearing a swimsuit with goggles and holding a beach ball and then a man wearing a snowsuit with a scarf, boots and skis. Towards the bottom of the placemat in small, upside-down letters, you could find the answer to the puzzle, which was that the man in the swimsuit did not fit, ostensibly because the other three pictures were all associated with snow/ice/winter. My daughter Hannah, before reading the answer provided, looked at it and said, “This is easy, Dad- it’s the igloo that doesn’t fit because it’s the only picture that isn’t in the shape of a man.

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