Monday, December 07, 2009

Your Two Cents Worth

Our music is all over the internet. We're on the obvious places like iTunes, Emusic, Amazon, and Rhapsody and we're on the less obvious places like Lala,, Jango, Thesixtyone etc. We're on play lists here and there, we're on internet radio stations, you can download MP3s attached to articles or reviews, you can find us on all the illegal downloading sites. If you search around you can get our download our music for free. You can certainly stream it for free all over the place (including this very site).

We get downloading and streaming reports from the legal musical vendor websites. On some of the smaller ones, the reporting might be something like $.02 on occasion. When I see that two cents, it makes me happy. You'd think it might be the opposite, and certainly, it'd make me even happier if it was two thousand bucks. But even that two cents perks me up a little because it means that someone out there somewhere listened to one of my songs.

Ok, it doesn't necessarily mean that. They might not have been listening at all, the speakers may have been turned off, the website could have just been streaming in the background. Any number of a gazillion things could have happened. But, to me, it offers the likelihood that someone listened to one of my songs. That makes me happy.

That makes my day, actually. You know, before the internet, the only people who could hear one of my songs either had one of our albums in hand or they were at one of our concerts. But nowadays, it's very easy for someone, even on a different continent, to listen to our music.

Every time someone listens to a song of ours and angel eats some cake. Thanks for listening.

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