Thursday, December 03, 2009

Happy Synchronicity or I Give My iPhone Too Much Credit

The weather outside is crazy today. It felt like I was on vacation somewhere tropical as I walked to town this morning. I had my headphones on (I just got another nice pair after a horrible week of ear-buds) and I was listening to the old iWhat on shuffle. As I walked in the strangely mild air with the confused winter sun beating down on me, I started to notice some weird coincidences in the songs being played. A suspiciously odd amount seemed to have the word "happy" in them.

Had someone actually invented the iPod App that I mentioned a while back? You know, the one where the ipod interacts with the online weather feeds and caters the play-list to match the weather. Could this be possible? Was it just a coincidence? Had my iPhone reached a point of singularity? Was it taking on life?

When I had a moment to sit down and go back over the songs that had played, my heart started to skip a beat. Happy this, happy that. Then my logical brain parts burst the colorful balloons that my fun-time brain parts had been flying. Duh. The thing wasn't on shuffle. For some reason it was just playing alphabetically and was in the middle of the H's.

Anyway, here's what I heard. It was fun while the dream lasted.
  • The Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun
  • The Aloha Steamtrain - Happiness Waits
  • Mazzy Star - Happy
  • Mark Mulcahy - Happy Birthday Yesterday
  • Joe Jackson - Happy Ending
  • The Figments - Happy Ever After
  • The Who - Happy Jack
  • Replacements - Happy Town

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