Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recap: Wrongways Tuesday #3

Last night was Wrongways Tuesday #3. Everything went swimmingly! Jason and Ryan (pictured) kicked things off with a splendid set of three well played, well sung, and thoroughly enjoyable songs. They were like a great old school folk duo, and I don't mean folk of the lots-of-harmonics-and-fancy-picking-during-songs-about-how-ludicrous-email-is-or-how-you-don't-see-cars-like-the-classic-Caddies-anymore variety. I mean folk of the two-guys-earnestly-singing-songs-that-people-can-dig variety. The Fawns played a half hour set after those guys. The audience was adorable and considerate and seemed to be enjoying themselves at the tables. We did our new version of A Little Bit Nervous in which Lesa puts down her red guitar and just sings. I heard a few favorable comments about that after the show. When The Fawns were done Goldwater took the stage for the second time ever and we plowed through a quick seven song set with some serious long spaced-out rock endings. I particularly enjoyed playing on the side of the stage where I could clearly hear Matt Cullen's guitar amp.

The sound all night was really excellent thanks to Dan Richardson who volunteered to man the board. He'll be returning next week for Wrongways Tuesday #4, starring Rick Murnane, School for the Dead, and Nuclear Waste Management Company. This will be the the second to last Wrongways Tuesday. If you haven't come out yet, you better get on it. These nights are free and early. The run from 7:00 to 9:00, and like I said, admission is free so you may as well just stop in and see what you think.

A special thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the night last night. We really appreciated you being there.

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