Saturday, September 05, 2009

Recap: Rub Wrongways Caravan at the Lizard Lounge

On Thursday night, the Rub Wrongways Caravan of Stars pulled into the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We arrived with plenty of time to do a thorough sound check with the very relaxed and accommodating sound guy, Dan. We set up all of our stuff on the nice oriental rugged stage area, drums in the back, Wurlitzer piano and six guitar stand flanking the sides, reflecting the red and orange lights.

After sound check we had a little while to enjoy some of the club's dinners while we put together set lists for the night's concert. At 8:30 the doors were opened and the small crowd streamed in. What makes a crowd small? Sheer lack of numbers coupled with the absence of hundreds. While the stage was shaped like a "u" (remember? drums in the back, wurly and stand flanking the sides) the audience was shaped like a lower case "n". People in front, on the left, and on the right. It was theatre in the round, folks, and it was divine.

The performances in order went like this: Jason Bourgeois Band, Jason and Ryan Surprise Duet, Sitting Next To Brian, The Fawns, and School for the Dead.

Just about everyone who came to the show, stayed for the whole thing. It was a long night, but I felt like we created a pretty good variety of music, especially considering that Brian and I played in every act (except the surprise duet).

At the end of the night we decided to award those that stayed with a free CD of their choosing. So, hopefully, somebody out there is currently boogie-ing down to the now sounds of whatever they chose.

Here are some pictures that Lesa took so you can get a feel for the night:

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