Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Recap of Wrongways Tuesday #1

Last night's Wrongways Tuesday was a great success! The Elevens felt friendly and comfortable (besides the incredibly hot temperatures) as people wandered in and settled themselves in the sofas and at the chairs and tables that we had set up in front of the stage.

The background music was XTC Drums and Wires all night with Beck's Sea Change after the last performance. It was there at a listenable level that allowed for conversation and drink ordering without screaming and wincing.

Max and I kicked off the show as a duet. I played acoustic guitar and Max played bass. We played three songs. First was "Thinking of a Time" in which most of the music was played by Max with me only coming in on the choruses with the guitar. It was really nice and quiet in the room with no booming dance beats and barking people from next door so I could clearly hear my voice as I sang. Then we played "I Don't Know About Anyone Else But" and I really enjoyed how we were able to be musically dynamic since we didn't have to worry about being too quiet and being drowned out. Lastly, we played a brand new song called "I Wasn't Looking For This". I debuted my harmonica and harmonica holder (which I didn't really know how to use) and it felt really good.

Sitting Next To Brian played second and it seemed, to me anyway, like one of our most solid shows yet. Again, we kept the volume at a rock level but with the ability to really use some dynamics and not just be one loud wall of sound the whole time, since we didn't have to drown any background noise out. It was so nice. We played: Salt Water Cherub, Iceberg, It's Really Coming Down, Red Eyed Reasons, Familiar Old Sugar, and Imaginary Audience. I think it was our first gig with Jason on the Wurlitzer, but I'm not positive.

Ryan Quinn stepped up and ran the soundboard up until this point and I forgot to publicly thank him for doing so. I felt totally confident with him back there. For the last act, Tasha Yar, he took a break and I took over. Tasha Yar once again delighted everyone in the room with their beautiful and moving and really funny performance. During their set, I learned how to control the light board, one of my favorite things to do. The Yar delved into the realm of performance art more than once. At one point, John Donson donned a sparkly over sized magic glove and tethered the other two with thick rope allowing them to roam the audience with trays of Bugel snack cones and lit candles. Sublime.

At the end of the show, people milled around a bit, talked, and had a few drinks with Beck in the background. Lots of people came up and said they had a great time and that they would be back next Tuesday! That's what I'm talking about.

Anybody have any pictures? I saw some cameras being held up.

UPDATE: This photo from Debbie Way:

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