Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long Song Names - What Is WRONG With Me?

I was recently looking at a list of songs that I have ready to record but that are not yet recorded and I noticed an upsetting trend. They almost all have really long names. The names are Too long in many cases. But I just don't want to change them.
  • People Never Grow Old
  • I Don't Know About Anyone Else But
  • Somebody Else's Problem
  • The Wrong Way Out Of Town
  • I Wasn't Looking For This
  • Don't Know If I've Got What It Takes Anymore
  • Dreams I'll Never Have
  • The Infinite Kitchen
  • Turn It Down
  • Don't Tell Me That It's Easy
  • Saving Your Life (Is Going To Be Real Interesting)
  • Plains, Trains, and Automobiles
I wonder if that says anything about anything? Am I getting too wordy? My songs have always been pretty wordy. People have mentioned that to me. That's ok with me. I like wordy.

But what I don't like are long song names! They look ugly on album packaging and they make set-lists confusing. Inevitably, you have to abbreviate them, and that can prove difficult. How do you abbreviate "Don't Know If I've Got What It Takes Anymore"? If we write "Anymore" on a set list will anybody know what song to play? I don't know.


Naight said...


mark said...

Hey buddy! I just looked at the track listing for the record and it doesn't have lo fine or school for the dead songs on it. :( Am I looking in the wrong place?

mark said...

Shit...that was meant for the ciao shining star bad.

Henning said...

Mark, we are on the download portion of the album. I was lead to believe that when one purchased the CD they would be given free downloads of the rest of the songs. That's not what I'm hearing from people though. Anyway, we are there in downloadable form on iTunes, Amazon etc.