Friday, September 25, 2009

Bad and Crappies

Last night, about an hour after a great Thai dinner, a friend picked up a box of Good and Fruity to share. We were all pretty excited for some candy and I ripped open the box only to find what appeared to be jelly beans. Aren't Good and Fruities supposed to be more cylinder shaped? Why do I think that? Oh yeah, because that's what they look like in the picture on the box!

Have Good and Fruities always been not shaped like Good and Fruities?

What's happening here? We were all shocked and it only got worse when we tasted them. Yeesh, these were the worst jelly bean shaped candies ever. Did the wrong thing come in the right box? Does anybody like these or are they only purchased by accident?

Man, who cares?

Update: Apparently these folks care. They care a lot. So much so that I just couldn't even read all the comments. Candy Addict

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kelseyfrost said...

If I remember correctly, they used to look more like the box and they always tasted terrible. Right?