Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Mocha Maya's MadLib

A while back I played a solo show at Mocha Maya's in Shelburne Falls, MA. During the course of the show, I and the audience did a MadLib that I had prepared. Here is the result.
It's Friday night and it is a SLOPPY May evening in Shelburne Falls, home of the Bridge of LAKES and the LASCIVIOUS Potholes. Inside a small cafe called SNAPPY Maya's, a group of NOTORIOUS people are sitting around listening to the LEAKY songs of a HAIRY and SNEAKY guy with a CREEPY guitar and a LAZY voice. The people sip BUBBLE BATHS from BUSES and some of them snack on TAPIOCA or ACORN SQUASH. The general mood in the room seems to be HAPPY.

Outside, an occasional DERELICT drives by and people RUN back and forth on the CANTANKEROUS sidewalk. Sometimes they stop and peer inside. When they hear the music they either ITCH and walk away or they IMPALE and stick around.

Suddenly, between songs, the SALTY performer whips out a piece of GENDER and starts asking the FLAKY audience to supply him with words. The crowd replies with some of the LUMPIEST words you've ever heard. Finally, when the performer has all the words he needs, he says, "OUCH! This is the SPACIEST MAdLib ever! It's called "An Abrupt Evening in Shelburne KITTENS."

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