Monday, July 06, 2009

We Held Back The Rain

I'd like to thank everyone who followed my suggestion of slightly altering their expected actions in an effort to stymie the predicted weather pattern last Thursday. It worked. The clouds that were hovering over our outdoor concert in Florence, Massachusetts were bewildered, it seemed. In the end, not a drop fell on the lovely audience on the grass.

We had a great time playing. I love nothing more than performing an outdoor concert to a nice crowd. Thank you to everyone who had faith in our plot to control the weather. We're indebted for your presence. A special thanks to those of you who picked up copies of our albums and an extra special thank you to Group DeVille who invited us to play on the bill and who supplied the sound system and allowed us to use their drums and amp. Could you imagine a nice bunch of guys?

Photo by: Lucie Germer

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Rick M said...

A very special you're welcome. You are an equally nice bunch of guys and a gal. It was a great show and a real highlight among this year's gigs. See you all soon.