Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rub Wrongways Caravan Supergroup - New Haven

The Rub Wrongways Caravan Super Group is taking the act down to New Haven this Friday (July 10).

QUESTION: What's this Super Group?

ANSWER: Well it's Brian, Lesa, Jason, Max, and Me all playing together. We'll do two songs from each of the following bands: School for the Dead, The Fawns, Bourgeois Heroes, and Sitting Next To Brian.

QUESTION: Who will be playing what instruments?

ANSWER: Well, Brian will be on drums, Lesa will be on electric guitar and percussion, Jason will be on keyboard and electric guitar and ukulele, Max will be on bass and percussion, and I will be on electric guitar and bass and ukulele.

QUESTION: What songs will we do?

ANSWER: Hmmm. Should I tell you? OK I will.
School for the Dead: Rock and Roll Camper, Periscope
The Fawns: Would You Stop?, High School Party
Bourgeois Heroes: I Wanna Be Nice To You, Rosamonde
Sitting Next To Brian: Follow, Imaginary Audience.

QUESTION: Is there anyone else on the bill?

ANSWER: Yes there is. We are opening the night for the CD Release Show by The Cavemen Go.

QUESTION: Where is it?

ANSWER: It's at Cafe Nine.

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