Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Phil Collins redux

Hey, you all remember when, in 1985 at Live Aid, how Phil Collins called attention to himself by taking the Concorde from London to Philadelphia (or was it vice versa?) so he could grace his fans with his presence on BOTH sides of the pond? (and while he was at it, make a shambolic Led Zeppelin reunion EVEN WORSE by not knowing how to play the songs..)
Anyway, I'll be doing my own kinda sorta thing like that tomorrow (or today, if you're reading this on Thursday). Except, no Concorde, no caviar, cocaine, cigar and congnac...
Just me manning my Camry (well, it starts with a "c" at least).
And no London and Philly, but almost as good:

My schedule for July 2, 2009:
--work the day job.
--get out at 4:30
--home, shower, change
--arrive in Florence for the big POP ON THE GRASS show with The Fawns, Group DeVille and School For the Dead. It's free and right in the center of Florence on the corner of Meadow Street and Route 9. Popcorn and beverages will be sold. If it rains, you'll be directed to the nearby Florence Civic Center. (and what a poster, huh? Rick Murnane ladies and gentlemen)
--6:30: play with the Fawns
--7:05: unwind and watch Group DeVille
--7:45: get back on stage and play with School For the Dead

8:30--gather my stuff, get back in the Camry and hightail it down route 9 and then Route 10 (or I could take Florence road, now couldn't I?) to Easthampton to the Apollo Grill!!

Well, do you know The National Convention?
That should fill you in. Well, I was lucky enough to be asked to play drums at their EP release.
Do you like things like Burt Bachrach, ABBA, Steely Dan or Lou Rawls? But I mean original songs that easily equal anything by the above? Do like that kind of stuff played by local talents like Ken Maiuri, Mark Schwaber, Anne Pinkerton, Jason Johnson (and the albums boast performances by Jose Ayerve, Matt Hebert and others who can't make it..).
Well, Eric Poulin and Eddie Downy wrote all these songs but enlisted others to play them.
Full disclosure: JJ O'Connell was supposed to play drums but is Spousing out so can't do it.
Full disclosure: I've had a drink or two so I'm rambling. Long day at work followed by practice.

In any case: come to the Apollo Grill tomorrow, Thursday, at 9pm. It is high quality fun, and is ALSO the CD release for Red Door Exchange! The long-awaited return!

You will leave with a tear in your eye and hope for mankind.

That's all I'm allowing myself to say before going to bed and dreaming about Phil Collins.

Thank you.

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