Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Adjusting The Time Continuum For Purely Selfish Reasons

This morning, as I was walking my usual route at my usual time, I decided to try an experiment. You see, the people who predict the weather are suggesting that there is a 60% chance of rain tomorrow. Now, as we all know, School for the Dead, The Fawns, and Group DeVille have an outdoor concert scheduled. That got me thinking about ways to try to change the future.

The weather people have made their prediction based on assumptions that the world will carry on in the way that it normally does for the next thirty six hours or so. Well, I'm sorry, weather people, but I happen to believe in free-will.

So this morning, as I was walking, I suddenly changed my usual route by about three feet. I also stopped and paused for a beat. In doing this, I believe that I effectively changed the course of events from that instant on. My unexpected maneuver altered the data that the weather people relied on in their predictions. I left a number of possible universes behind me, included the original one in which the weather people existed when they made their predictions, and I created a brand new universe. The weather people have not caught on yet, I don't think.

I suggest that if everyone reading this does something unexpected today, we can all change the future. It's a gamble, but it's possible that in this new future we can change the likelihood of rain tomorrow. Come on, take a chance, throw a monkey wrench into the machine of time, and see if you can help out. It doesn't take much, just do something that you weren't going to do until that very instant. You can do it now if you'd like. I can't tell you what to do...they might be reading this. Just use your imagination.

Thank you.


Rick M said...

Great idea. I will do something out of the ordinary tonight also...maybe stopping by the side of the road up in Windsor for a moment or two. I never do that, so it might help. See you tomorrow.

debl said...

Well, it was raining cats and dogs a couple of hours ago, and now I see some patches of blue sky. So maybe it will clear up by party time tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This would have only worked if you had caused a butterfly to alter its flight path...