Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Word Is Live - Yes

I've been listening to "The Word Is Live" all day today. It's a collection of live recordings of Yes concerts from 1970 - 1988. Man, what a crazy band. I would love to see them in around 1976.

I did once stumble upon an old concert on VH1 Classic. I don't know where or when it was filmed because the Cable Info for the show said "Supertramp Live". I saved it on our DVR. It's pretty awesome since it's not only old live footage but it's also got some interviews and a few nice shots of the audience of the times.

This live album seems pretty great, too. I am not listening very closely since I'm doing other work at the same time, but I can still hear how amazing they are, how much work they must have put into their music. It's got that super tight, but always almost-just-careening-over-the-edge urgency of the best Yes stuff.


Jim Neill said...

I saw YES at the Springfield Civic Center in 1979, 'In The Round', and I was initially enthralled but then bored. This was back when as an Amherst High School student, I used to go to UMass to score acid. The walls and stairwells of Southwest were covered with Roger Dean's Yes album covers and Pink Floyd Dark Side prizms. Blue Oyster Cult with Be Bob Deluxe was the best concert I saw in Springfield. Jon Anderson's albums with Vangelis are actually pretty beautiful.

Henning said...

I saw them twice in 1984. Only five years after your concert, Jim, but it was a whole different world with Trevor Rabin and all that 80's Future Stuff. Still, these were my first rock concerts and they were pretty totally awesome.

One was at the Garden and the other at The Centrum. At one of them Jon Anderson fell through a whole in the stage and the band vamped for what seemed like fifteen or twenty minutes while nobody knew what was going on.