Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Buggles - The Age Of Plastic

I'm currently listening to The Age Of Plastic by The Buggles. Lots of people would call this album a "guilty pleasure". I don't really believe in that phrase when it comes to music. I can't imagine why anyone should feel guilty about what they enjoy to listen to. I guess you could say some music is like junk food. Something like a pint of Ben and Jerry's or some Fried Dough might be considered a guilty pleasure, since you feel guilty while you are eating it. But with poison treats like that, there really is a good reason to feel guilty, even though they are so tasty. With music, what's the danger? Are you poisoning your soul? Contributing to the problem by supporting the snacky arts?

Anyway. The Age Of Plastic has been on heavy rotation in my brain for the last forever years. I listened to it a gazillion times when I was younger. I liked the songs. Now I like the songs and I like the new wave 80's sound of the whole thing. They managed to squeeze some incredible sounds out of some fairly limited synthesizers. Unfortunately, Rhapsody only has this album and not "Adventures In Modern Recording" so I can't replicate flipping over the Maxell XLII 90 minute cassette of my past.

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Karen said...

Guilty pleasure music is nothing like junk food. People can be really judgmental when it comes to music. (I, for one, disparage "hippies.") So there are some artists you love to listen to, but don't tell your friends you like. For me, it's Red Sovine. I cry like a baby when I listen to "Roses for Mama," but there are v. few people in my life who know what a softy I am.