Friday, February 13, 2009

Tonight, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Tonight I'm going over to the Elevens to see The Novels, Prabir and the Substitutes, and The Mountain Movers.

Tomorrow, Brian's coming into the studio and we are going to work on some guitar tracks for the new Sitting next To Brian CD. That's pretty exciting.

And hey, look at this! School for the Dead just booked a local show. We're playing at our home field, The Elevens, with So Very Small and Twin Berlin. I think we'll be a four-piece band for this show. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring a few new School for the Dead songs to the stage. Wouldn't that be something?

In the meantime, Rub Wrongways Records has a new plan, a new project, unfolding. It's totally top secret. Sorry.

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Sarah said...

I did not see you there! It was a great show. I uploaded some photos.