Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sitting Next To Guitars

I spent a good part of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday working on recording guitars for Sitting Next To Brian. I didn't have too much luck really. I got some ideas but I was having trouble getting good sounds. Sometimes, it takes a little time to get back into the recording groove. But once it starts, I begin to hear all music differently. All the little parts jump out when I hear a song. I'm now listening to guitars in songs. If I'm in the car or in a store and there is music playing, my brain instantly focuses on the guitars. What do they sound like? Are they clean or distorted? Are they loud or quiet? Do they have an echo on them? What kinds of things are they playing and what is the rest of the band doing when they are playing? How do they fit in with the rest of the song?

By Monday, I started to have a little success. Brian's away in Mexico so I can pretty much do anything I want on these recordings. What's he gonna do throw a taco at me? That's a pretty far throw for a taco. A burrito....maybe.

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