Monday, January 05, 2009

Indie Pages Review Of "A Telephone Built For Two"

Here's a review of A Telephone Built For Two that was published at
School For The Dead - "A Telephone Built For Two" cd (Rub Wrongways)
I liked the last record from this Northampton group, but I'm finding their third album considerably more enjoyable. As before, the band displays a variety of styles and influences, but this time around, it seems as if maybe Henning (the band's leader and songwriter) got most of the slower, more introspective songs out of his system on his last solo record... Not to say that there aren't quiet moments on here, but the emphasis is certainly on the peppier tunes, which remind me quite a bit of the Vehicle Flips and Wimp Factor 14. You'll also hear similarities to Fountains Of Wayne in spots (and I'm not even talking about the songs where Chris Collingwood provides backing vocals!) and They Might Be Giants in other places (the playful-sounding music in "Journal Of Lies" would've fit perfectly on "Lincoln"). Though I have to say that a couple of these songs seem to go on just a little too long ("Boring Dream", for example), I still think that a number of these songs rank among Henning's best work to date. MTQ=10/11

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