Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Night

On Saturday, I was working in the studio a little with Jason from Bourgeois Heroes. We'd just gotten about a foot of snow and while we were transferring things from his good ole 4-track cassette recorder, the phones started ringing...or chirping...or singing...or whatever it is they do these days.

It seems that the scheduled show for that evening at The Elevens, here in Northampton, had been canceled and the booker was trying to put together a last minute snow-storm special show. We were skeptical at first. Do we really want to go outside into that craziness and play a show that probably would be poorly attended? But in the end we all decided we may as well. If nothing else, it'd force us out of the house. Cabin Fever was definitely setting in. Besides it's always fun to play music and sometimes these stormy nights turned out to be really special.

We decided that since it was a unique night and since some of our members were going to be AWOL that we'd do a combined Rub Wrongways set. School for the Dead, The Fawns, and Sitting Next To Brian each played three songs and long lost Ken played bass with SFTD and Fawns. We were going to do some Bourgeois Heroes too but then Jason's other band, The Novels, decided to play.

It was a nice night. The Novels were great. The were extra prepared because they had been planning on having a big CD Release show the night before at the Iron Horse but the snow said "no". (Look for their new album "Paper Cliche" it's really great.)

We had a fun set. I sat in a chair because my back is still giving me problems. But, I really had fun playing and singing.

After our set, Los Hijos Unicos (pictured) played. They were three piece and they sounded awesome. The room was mostly because of the storm, so Lesa, Jason, and I had what felt like a private show from them. We sat on the red velvet sofa and watched. I dug their new line-up a lot.

The next day, it snowed again from morning to night. Aye aye aye. I've heard about a white Christmas but this is rediiiiiiiiiiicuuuuulous! (said in a goofy fifties comedian kind of way).

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