Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Exploding Baking Dish By Anchor

Twas a few weeks before Christmas
And all through the house
Was the scent of home cooking
...We usually eat out.

The chicken was breaded
And looked perfect so far
It was layered with cheese
And fancy sauce (eight dollars per jar)

I'd settled down
before the TV
She poured a glass of wine
and sat next to me

The long day was over
We let out a big breath
She said, "I think this dinner
Will be my best meal yet"

When out in the kitchen
There arose such a clatter
We ran to the oven
Where the window was splattered

She threw open the door
And smokey steam filled the room
And we saw the gross mess
That explained the big boom

The baking dish had exploded
Neither of us were harmed
But there were glass shards in our dinner
Goodbye Chicken Parm

The meal had looked perfect
I'd still like to thank her
You can bet that from now on
We won't use a dish made by Anchor


Anonymous said...

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debl said...

Wow, how helpful that a person shared such a nice website with you!

That is a shocking story about your chicken parm. You should definitely write Anchor a letter...


whoah! not good!

F. Alex Johnson said...

Sorry to hear of your loss.

If one lives long enough, this is bound to happen.

It happened to me not that long age, although that incident was a result of a steep temperature change. I think I ate most of whatever it was I had cooked (those were the days).

I don't like cooking with glass anymore. It matters not what company makes it. Just like I don't like leaving a crock pot on for hours at a time when I'm not home. I'm a bit fire-shy, even before the new place.

Glad you didn't try to salvage the mess.

Nobody likes a big plate of chicken harm.


See you at the thing.

No Stand In Will Do said...

I am sorry about the whole stinking mess but I am pretty much pleasured to a high degree by Henning's lovely poem. If only happy occurrences could cause such art!