Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time Cameras Toys Love Ladies

The IPhone was right-on this morning with the shuffled playlist it made for me. As I walked beneath my big purple umbrella though wet bright yellow leaves on the sidewalks of my little town I heard: Pink Floyd "Time", which segued seamlessly into Paul Simon's "Kodachrome(r)" (the electric piano from Time stayed right there in my right ear for Kodachrome like magic) - this led to "Toys" by XTC, which kicks off with a symphony of wind-up toys creaking and squeaking, not unlike the intro to "Time" with it's various clock alarms going off - after that was a sweet short piece by Mark Mulcahy called "Love's The Only Thing That Shuts Me Up", his falsetto voice ducked under the awnings from the rain as I did - and to top it all off, the Iphone threw in a nice closing number in "Goodnight Ladies" by Lou Reed.

I couldn't have programmed it better myself.

Boy is it dark and rainy out today. It's a perfect day to stay in and work on your Halloween Costume for this Friday's big party.

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