Friday, October 24, 2008

Squirrel Friend In A Coma, I know, I Know, It's Serious

There is a huge old tree here and it is the home, year after year, to a family of squirrels. Currently, there are a handful of young ones scampering around. I consider them to be teenage squirrels. They're not babies but they're not full size either. They look kind of like the ones here in this picture, though I took this picture years ago. This is a photo of their ancestors.

Yesterday, I stepped outside into the crisp fall air and was subjected to some serious natural drama. Out of nowhere, above Main Street, there came four angry crows squawking and chasing a hawk. The hawk swooped in silently and speedily with the crows screaming behind it and reached out its talons and scooped up one of the squirrels from the previously peaceful leafy lawn.

One second later, all was quiet and business as usual. The hawk disappeared, the crows dissipated, and the traffic and the pedestrians traveled by having no idea that their world was now one little teen-aged squirrel lighter.



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wonder what the crows' beef was..