Monday, September 15, 2008

The Right Time and Place

We were about three inches from the border of New York when were playing our songs during a pre-wedding ceremony barbecue. It was a muggy but otherwise beautiful day and we were situated outside on a slight hill over looking a grouping of round tables with people of all ages eating and listening and catching up with one another. The delicious smells of Greek cooking was wafting through the air. Beyond the tables and chairs, the grass ended and a small hill of trees led down to a mountain stream. Beyond that was a barn and farm where horses and pigs wandered around and roosters crowed.

It was a pretty ideal setting and it was, like I said, only about three inches from the New York border. Three more inches over to the left and this same sex wedding wouldn't have been legal.

Sure is nice to live in Massachusetts. Sure is nice to play music.

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