Monday, September 29, 2008

Have You Ever Slept In A Bear Cave?

I happen to live in a very fertile valley that attracts all sorts of wild life. These are things I saw in the last few days.

Thursday: At The Sierra Grille I spotted Ken Maiuri and one of the Young At Heart Chorus members performing in an unusually intimate setting, it was a real treat to be able to get that close. Following them were The Mitchells in a really great stripped down drumless line-up. Usually they travel in larger packs. Then, a real rare sighting, The Maggies. They were just like in the guide books - colorful and powerful with swirling melodic calls.

Friday: I saw a whole litter of Los Hijos Unicos. They were so happy and energetic and musically climbing all over each other. You could tell they were a family.

Saturday: I saw a lone Brian Marchese. Again, its rare to find this breed out on its own. Usually it can be found in groups. Here was a single one, not lost, but just sampling the waters. Next was a whole gaggle of Rabbit Rabbits. Don't be fooled these aren't actually rabbits, these are strange birds of different colors with unique cries usually only heard in the rain forest. After that there were three cool cats called Space Captain, who purred and clawed there way across the stage.

Sunday night: A first for me, I surprisingly came across a lumbering old Randy Newman. When they saw him, a whole crowd of people was hushed and in awe. This is one of my favorite sightings in a long time. I was very lucky.

Sunday morning: I surprisingly came across a lumbering old bear. Right in our back yard. See?

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