Wednesday, August 06, 2008

radios in motion

It's kind of groovy to wake up to a clock radio and hear your friend and bandmate's voice coming through the tiny, mono speaker.
The grooviness increases when you hear the radio debut of a song off said band's brand new album.
It's even groovier to get out of bed, walk into another room, turn on the stereo and hear said friend talking about me.
When all that happens, it makes the coffee taste better.

Of course I'm talking about Air America's Stephanie Miller.
No, it was, of course, Henning's morning zoo on Valley Free Radio this morning. Jim Neil was equally as entertaining, asking left field questions (though he was a guest, not the host) and making obscure references. I'll have to download the podcast or whatever.

Hey, a couple things I forgot when talking about the new albums I'm on:

Each album features a couple of vocal weapon special guests.
SFTD has Chris Collingwood and Lesa Bezo
Haunt has Jose Ayerve and Anand Nayack
and The Figments have Mark Mulcahy and Dave Houghton.

I love the sharing of resources. So many genuinely gifted and generous folks. Now open your hymnals to "'Tis the Gift to Be Simple"

Lastly, Mark Miller's production on the new Figments (he recorded the drums and bass, and then mixed it after Thane did the rest on his own) is stellar, muscular, sensitive.. all that I look for in a lover. Despite its lyrical darkness, I've found it to be an excellent sunny morning listen. It's all about the contrasts, man.

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