Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Radio Goo Goo Radio Gaa Gaa

So, yes, I was on the radio this morning. It was really a nice time.

I am car-less so I met DJ Mo and Co-Guest Jim at a small cafe in town at 7:30 AM. Town was a bit emptier than I am used to seeing it. It was also rainy and gray. Early morning gray and wet. We rode up to Florence, a small section of Northampton about five minutes away, and I got a little bit of the run-down of what I was and wasn't supposed to talk about on that station. It's a community run station so promoting for-profit things is frowned upon. Also, I wasn't supposed to swear, which, you know, is really difficult for me. Goldurnit.

We were in a basement studio filled with CDs and notes and wires and papers. It was really classic, like a radio station is supposed to be in my head. These are the kind of small rooms that delivered the college rock wave of music from my youth. We sat around a desk drinking our morning beverages (iced tea for me) and talked. Both Mo and Jim are very good at keeping the conversation going. I'm often a momentum killer so it was good to have them there to keep things moving.

We played a few songs from the Rub Wrongways Catalog, "Campground Daughter" from The New You and "Friends" from The Fawns' A Nice Place To Be. We also did a radio debut of "Back To School" from our not-yet-officially-released "A Telephone Built For Two".

If you'd like you can listen to the show here: Mo Ringey Show MP3 with Jim and Henning Mo's website for her show is here: - you can access the mp3 there, too, as well as those from past shows.

Someday, I think I'd like a radio show. I think I have the bug. Maybe it would be something having to do with local music. Possibly a local music show with guests that was mostly talk with some songs here and there. Kind of like today. Sorry, Mo, I'm taking over. Just kidding. Not really. Yes I am. No. Yes.

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No Stand In Will Do said...

you can doooood it! Henning, there's room for you, too, on the airwaves. Go, go, go!