Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Who went to the big King Radio Cd Release Show at the Iron Horse last night? I did, I did!

It was great. Silver and Gold were awesome, The Lonesome Brothers were delightful, and King Radio was impressive. The real treat of the show was Ribboncandy, though.

They were so good. Ken led the band quickly through hit after hit in the happiest and most celebratory way. He has this uncanny knack for writing really catchy songs that are at the same time herky-jerky and complex and smooth and simple. I can't figure it out. There are all these crazy notes and beats coming off the stage, you see the fingers on the fret board whipping all over the place, but the songs maintain this smoothness that just carries you along. Great lyrics and the hookiest of melodies. It was one of my favorite shows maybe ever. Yee, is right.

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