Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Tonight, with any luck, I will finish the artwork for our new record. There is still a lot of work to do. I think, and hope, the packaging will make you believe in record artwork again. Ok, that's a little boisterous. But suffice to say, this is no standard-issue local music release. You know the kind: blurry photo taken of the guitarist's beaten-up guitar, with jagged type poorly set across the cover and a measly two-fold interior spread that features a photo of the band sitting at a diner on one side and an enlarged picture of the singer's cat on the credit page. Anyway, our cd is none of that. First of all, Henning doesn't have a cat.

So, the schedule is as follows:

Tonight - finish layout, cover, revisions. Still waiting on one piece of art from Henning.
Tomorrow - Henning to proof finals. Should Brian get a copy of the proofs as well?
Friday - any tidying up of artwork, prep for output. Artwork to printer Friday or Tuesday (Monday is a holiday).
This weekend - schedule cd release party!

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