Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I wish Blogger had a search feature, beacuse I had the urge to write something I may have written about a year or 2 ago--namely, how once every year or two I listen to my fave Boston band of all time, The Cavedogs.

Two days ago I listened to an hour's worth of them on my Rio. Boy, they are a band I would've been in--a 3 piece power pop outfit, with a sense of humor--kind of like the early Steamtrain, but without any sex. To boot, they also covered the Monkees'"Porpoise Song" and Nesmith's "Joanne" the two times I saw them.

Also, when I saw them at the Paradise, I rememebr Todd the guitar player coming out for the encore and telling the crowd "you're all missing Morrissey on the Tonight Show right now". (what a tie in!) May '91, I was 18.

Before that show, I saw that Todd guy standing out in the lobby talking to someone and I couldn't believe it--I felt I had to talk to him. So I brought up the fact that my band had just played the Paradise in a Pay to Play scheme. He offered some big brotherly advice about how to avoid those things. Then I asked him if he remebered playing at the record store in Salem, NH for 10 people that previous fall because I was one of those 10 people and I was the only one who knew the Nesmith cover.

Well, the self-fulfilled prophesy with those guys--the last line of the last song (Circus Song) on their last album (Soul Martini) is "no more big top, from now on you're small".
They were dropped from Capitol after one record--grunge came along and Rickenbacker-driven pop was yesterdaysville.

But if anyone ever sees a used Cavedogs CD, you may dig it.
Their names were Brian Todd and Mark--the first 4 syllables of my name.

The drummer, Mark, went on to compose the Mr. Show theme. Awesome.

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