Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Half Dozen Bunnies in Our Flower Bed.

The nest surrounded by stones.
When we began doing some landscaping outside the Rub Wrongways Studios, we stumbled upon a small pile of fluffy whitish/brownish fur in a flower bed.  There was something moving beneath the fluff.  At first, we couldn't tell what kind of little baby animals were in there.  It wasn't until we later noticed a nervous looking rabbit standing on the other side of the driveway watching us that we realized what we had.

Since we still had a bunch of planting to do in that area, I surrounded the little nest with some small rocks.  That way we'd make sure not to absentmindedly step on it or disturb it.

Over the next few days, we would check on the nest and see the small pile of fur and grass rising and falling as the baby bunnies beneath shuffled around and breathed.  When the nest was totally still, Lesa would approach it and make a light clucking sound and it would instantly come to life.

Mother rabbit on nest with stones.
In the evenings we would see the mother rabbit come back and sit on top of the nest.  But for the majority of the days and nights, the nest was left all alone.

A week later or so, the nest was empty and the tiny baby bunnies had moved into the cover of a few of the plants that we added.  Four of them nestled together in the safety of the tall grasses that we planted.  Two others found their own individual small plants to hide beneath.

As the week passed, the bunnies would get slightly more active.  Yesterday morning, as I was watering the plants, one of the bunnies jumped out of it's hiding place, ran across the ground and leaped off of the raised flower bed where they all lived.  It landed on the driveway about a foot or two below and stood their looking confused.

The baby bunnies have left the nest.
First time out of hiding.
I tried to help it back up to it's siblings but the thing blasted away like a rocket and squeezed through our gate into the backyard.  I looked for it there, but it vanished.

That evening, when we went to check on the rest of them, they were all over the place.  Two had left the bed and were sniffing around the driveway.  Others were hopping around in the flower bed.  One still hid beneath a plant.

This morning, they all seem to be gone.

It's a little sad to see them all leaving, but I'm glad they are moving into the backyard which is protected from foxes by a fence and is further away from the dangers of the road. I wonder if we'll see them again or if they will spread out further into the neighborhood.

Crazy rabbits.

Thinks it's old enough to head out on its own.

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