Monday, April 02, 2012

SFTD at the Meltdown

photo by Debbie Way
This past Saturday, we in School for the Dead once again found ourselves at a strange gig.  We were invited by WRSI (The River) to close the day at their annual Meltdown and Book Bash.  This is a family-friendly celebration of the beginning of spring that takes place in a local middle school.  There are children's book authors there doing readings and signings, there are bounce houses, and farm animals, and crafts, and other kid-like things as well as a number of children's-music musicians performing. 

We played a fun set at the end of the day.  I brought balloons to tie to our instruments and we mostly just played School for the Dead songs though we did do a song by Ken and a friend called The Anything Song, that uses words suggested by the audience.  We also played three songs by Turkey Andersen: Hot and Stuffy, Knot in the Lace of My Shoe, and If a Sandwich Was a Sandwich.

Max had created some School for the Dead Instant Surveys and we had special guest, Bill Childs, join us while we incororated the answers in Soup of the Moment.  Turn it Up! Records was kind enough to have the surveys at their booth.  Teh whole thing took place in a cafetorium!


Francesco said...

god save rock

Awin Language said...

Hi There,
Nice post, I'm from Indonesia,seeing from your posts, I guess you're an English teacher, is that right?I'm so interested in everything about language, both linguistics and literature, hopefully we can share our knowledge each other.