Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How Do You Give Music?

One of the problems with the new ways that we listen to and procure music these days is that it has made gift giving more difficult. Particularly albums use to be on everyone's lists. But, people aren't listening to records or CDS so much anymore and it's not really possible to give someone an album on iTunes. You can make a playlist and then give them that I guess but it's really not the same. You can give gift certificates but that takes out the whole point of wanting to share specific music. Even mix CDs don't feel as special as mix tapes. Mix CDs feel like a bunch of individual songs, mix tapes felt like whole things.

What's one to do?


Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem. Wanted to get my niece my favorite Violent Femmes album for Christmas. Don't know how and need to stop calling them "albums."

Henning said...

Upon closer investigation it turns out that you can "gift" a particular album to someone on iTunes.

Still, that's hard to wrap.

I say just give your niece the CD anyway. She can just rip it into mp3s if that's her thing.

Scott McLean said...

This is like someone read my mind before I could open the comment section. Amazing! I wanted to purchased downloads and give my nieces a gift like that over the internet but it wasn't possible.

Scott McLean said...

Someone needs to make it so any song can be bought on one website, but some songs aren't available for pay per song download, and some CD downloads aren't available for purchase at all.